If you are in Spain and you want to take lessons with us, we can teach you in english. We have plenty of experience doing it, either privately, in workshops, and at festivals.


We give and organize workshops in English in Spain. You can check which ones in the International Workshops section.

if there is a group of 5+couples interested in learning in english, we can organize a workshop at our Dojo. Please contact us for arranging a date 🙂

We do not recommend you to come to a workshop in spanish if neither you and your partner can not understand spanish, as the amount of theory, history and cultural context that is explained during the workshop is considerable. But if your partner knows spanish and is willing to translate what we explain, we can give feedback in english for all the exercises and questions.

Private lessons.

As it is unusual to have 5 couples together who want to receive a workshop in English, the best possibility is private lessons. We can teach you at our Dojo in Madrid (that is really close to the airport) or we can go wherever you want, if you take care of the travelling expenses.

Out of Spain.

We can also move out of Spain for lessons and workshops. And we travel frequently as educators for different festivals (Eurix, Prague shibari festival, ShibariCamp, Kink&Ropes, MSDA Festival, etc). The only think we ask for is for the travel expenses plus the cost of the lessons. We are also very often at Canary islands, where we teach regularly.

Kinbaku Salons.

You are very welcome at the Jams and Kinbaku Salons that we do monthly. We think our community gets richer when interacting with non local people, and most of our students are fluent in English. 🙂

Contact us.

The best way to reach us is by Telegram, whatsapp or phone call: +34 644 54 86 05. We are also always checking the mail: info @ madridshibari.com