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Partial suspensions workshop in Tenerife

Last Saturday we gave our workshop of initiation to partial suspensions in Tenerife and we couldn't be happier. It was a small group but with good level and we were able to offer a much more personalized tuition.

Throughout the day, we worked with different patterns that we subsequently put into practice, both in bamboo and single point, to achieve classic partial suspension shapes that would allow us to play with the other person. We made a functional, versatile two-ropes takate kote for suspension, a solid futomomo and two totally different waist harnesses. In addition, we worked on the handling of suspension lines to tie in a safe and effective way and creativity when combining the different forms to generate surprise in the tied person.

We want to thank the organization of the workshop for offering us the space and giving us the opportunity to return to the island to share unforgettable moments of ropes, you have treated us wonderfully. We'll be back!

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