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Our first performance in Salamanca

Last night we had the great pleasure of doing our first Shibari performance in Salamanca. We are still full of excitement and adrenaline, the audience received us with great affection and we felt surprisingly comfortable.

It is difficult showing Shibari for the first time to a city that has never seen it live. You have that immense desire to show it in the most positive, real and natural way possible so that people don't get the wrong ideas and break with stigmata and that false information that so much circulates in the media and on the Internet. Also, you're worried about the audience's reactions:"What will they think?","have they come just for the grief?""Will they leave in horror before we're done?" But Salamanca has proved to be an open and plural city and we thank you very much for joining us at this special moment.

As always, I felt very different strong emotions on Zor's ropes... Passion, suffering, complicity, shame, fun, surprise, fear, excitement, acceptance and tenderness, all of them bursting into our intimate and dynamic bubble under the spotlights of the wonderful Almargen space in front of more than 120 people. One of the most beautiful things that Shibari has given me is to learn to communicate without words, I can establish a very deep connection with another person only with a look, a subtle gesture, the sweet or wild touch of a jute rope. And that communication, that connection with a concrete person at a concrete moment in a concrete place in the world that flows and move us both is the greatest treasure for me.

Finally, from Madrid Shibari we would like to thank our student and rigger Claudia Stonem for having the initiative to organize this event and to have carried it out so well. Her love for ropes and effort have made this possible, we can only be happy to have crossed our paths with her.

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