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Experimental workshops in Granada

Hey folks!

After some crazy plans changing we are already on our way to Madrid (and if everything goes well we will have really big news for you soon...) 🙂

We have been almost one week exploring the beautiful landscapes of the South of Spain. We drove our krakenwagen with the cuties Aanecroo and Oogieboo from Madrid to Granada because we had a weekend of workshops in there. When we arrived we went to visit the new space of Ata2 Rope Crew and meet our friends Miguel Makido and Lorena Blaze who were organizing the event. The place looks amazing! It's quite big, with many suspension points and has space invaders painted on the walls (that gives them 10 extra points :P).

Ata2 Rope Crew is a group of rope enthusiasts located in the South of Spain that organize regular peer ropes and Shibari workshops for all levels. They are leaded by Miguel Makido who has been practicing and studying Shibari for more than 15 years and who we really appreciate and recommend to learn with. 🙂

The workshops were some kind of experiment, it was the very first time we did something like that. We focused every day on a different topic. Saturday was about Suuchinawa (shame), Sunday about Semenawa (suffer). Both topics are the base of our way of understanding Shibari/Kinbaku and we have worked a lot on them. We also wanted to give a workshop that's not focused on the patterns but on the connection, the emotions and playing. And for sure we wanted to give tools to both riggers and models to establish beautiful and playful scenes while being safe. And yeah on the meantime I got quite tortured in many different ways... 😛

To be honest we were quite surprised with the level of the group. All couples did very interesting things and were able to achieve some really demanding ties (for riggers & models) like a daruma! Another thing I liked a lot is that they really appreciated all the model focused information we gave and the fact that we were actually giving the workshop together and I was not just sitting in silence waiting for getting tied (that I totally respect but not our thing)... Also the south gives some kind of charisma to the people that makes everything funnier and easier to do. And of course that bar next to the venue with free amazing tapas where we were eating all the time helped quite a bit. 😀

After this very successful "experiment" we are willing to bring these workshops to other places and going back to Granada veeery soon. Can't wait!


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