The two most common ways in the West to learn shibari are workshops and private lessons.


We do different types of workshops aimed at different levels of knowledge. Almost everyone starts by attending a beginners workshop. It is a reduced workshop (about 5 couples) in which theory and practice are combined to give the students some basic notions of play and a basic knowledge of what shibari/kinbaku is. We work from the floor and barefoot, in an atmosphere that is intimate and relaxed, open to questions from attendees but with a program of specific goals. It is the only workshop that lasts only one day, and students tend to think it is short. It is necessary to go as a couple (or rather, partnership of any kind) and it must be clear that we are going to have emotional and intimate communication and contact, since this and not the ropes is the main goal of shibari.

Private Lessons

The most effective way to learn is the direct two on two relationship between the educators couple and students couple. With a completely personalised treatment, exhaustive monitoring, the most absolute privacy and 100% of teacher's attention placed on the student, it is really easy to move forward quickly. The private lessons can be given in a group of two couples who have a very similar level to reduce the cost. We can give it in our space or at student's home.

Continuous training.

With the contents of the first workshop or private lessons you can practice and play for a couple of months. From then on, you will begin to have enough muscular memory and settled knowledge to move on to more complex workshops, in which you can explore areas as diverse and interesting as the eroticism of shame, aesthetics in shibari, torment through ropes, the fundamentals for moving towards suspensions and many others. In some regions students create study groups in which we are present through instant messaging and meet periodically to practice. In other cases, students decide to evolve to private lessons as they have more particular needs whether for learning, privacy or schedules.