As in any complex discipline, access to good quality education is the key point when it comes to being able to train as a rigger/model.

There are 5 points especially important when learning Shibari:

  1. It is essential to study with educators who have learned directly from Japanese teachers and who also follow a continuous learning process.
  2. The didactic capacity is necessary. Whether in large group dynamics (6-7 couples) or in private lessons, motivation, student follow-up, continuity, promoting creativity and personalised attention are just as important as the technical capacity of the teacher, which in itself is of little use.
  3. A consistent and periodically revised teaching method, supported by a series of notes and the possibility of contacting the educators for doubts, help to ensure that learning does not only take place in the Dojo but also with continuous practice at home. If learning is fun, it is easy to turn it into a habit. Practice allows us to move forward and improve.
  1. Safety must be present continuously and the student must be trained in problem solving. The best way to learn is to leave the comfort zone in a safe and supervised environment. Only in this way can we learn from both failures and successes.
  2. Finally, a real understanding of Oriental teaching methods allows us to go a step further. To escape from the magisterial formulas of complete teaching in two days, from the certificates, from the concealment of knowledge to make the student dependent and lucrative. And above all the teaching ego : to understand that in most of the traditional Japanese disciplines, in opposite of to what happens in the West, the student becoming better than the master is a motive of honor for the master.