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Our first time in Valencia: workshops weekend

Hi again!

After more than a week of the workshops we gave in Valencia, we are here to talk about this wonderful experience. We hope to repeat soon 🙂

The Asociación BDSM Jardín Secreto invited us to come to their venue to give two 8-hour Shibari beginners workshops and we gladly accepted. It was the first time we visited Valencia and got in touch with their rope community so we were very nervous and excited at the same time. We were coming from our adventure in the Canary Islands and we came across a much colder and wetter climate than we were used to but a very warm people. Sr Diabolo picked us up in his car at the train station and we went to eat tapas at a bar near the place. After a good talk we decided to rest a bit in the apartment where we were staying and then we went to the association's venue to prepare the space for the workshops. We came across a wonderful, large, full equipped and well organized space and it was easy to distribute it so that each couple could tie comfortably on the floor. We were surprised to find a lot of material that was part of the Fetish Cafe of Domina Zara, a place we met when we went to Barcelona 9 years ago to attend the first serious Shibari workshop offered in Spain: Osada Steve. 

The first day of workshops was great. Couples of all kinds came with a lot of desire to learn and understand Shibari and also quite interested in the part of semenawa that we like to teach so much. We created several play and connection dynamics and the students achieved some really nice scenes, everyone were delighted. So much that a couple who had a trip scheduled for the next day decided to cancel it to sign up on Sunday too! This kind of thing motivates us a lot to keep giving workshops. 

In the evening we were invited to a play party just for members and workshop attendees and we had a great time, in fact we stayed around until 4am! We were also asked to do an intimate performance and it was wonderful and a lot of emotions were stirred up under the bamboo. And after the chaos invaded us, the calm took it away from us and we continued talking and playing throughout the night. We were positively surprised by the camaraderie among the members and the respect and help for each other, which are not common to see in many of the BDSM clubs in the country. It was great to be able to enjoy a safe and fun environment.

On Sunday morning, after a lot of caffeine, the second day of workshops began, more oriented to the first steps towards partial suspensions. This time we put a much greater emphasis on security and on the dangers of the ego and we worked more technically than in communication, as we built more complex and demanding structures for both sides. But even so, the energy that the group gave off was very good and made everything much more enjoyable, to the point of finishing the workshop almost without us noticing it. After the final round of feedback everyone agreed that we should come back in the future to continue with the learning process and we sincerely hope that it will be soon.

Finally, on Monday, after a pleasant afternoon of sightseeing around the city and drinking a lot of orxata, we returned to Madrid with great gratitude and expectancy to see this community grow.

Many thanks to the organization and to the assistants for having made our stay in Valencia possible, we hope you will practice and above all have a lot of fun with ropes!


Margot & Zor

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