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First beginners workshop in Tenerife

Saturday’s night we had the great pleasure of giving our first shibari beginners workshop in Tenerife. It was an intensive workshop (3 hours) but despite this we had a great group that was very involved in the class and allowed us to work much more content than expected. As usual, we taught Japanese basic patterns of different styles and how through creativity and good body and rope handling is possible to stablish communication between rigger and model communication, something fundamental for us to understand shibari.

Both Zor and I are enormously grateful to the organization for giving us the opportunity to teach on this beautiful island and to have treated us so well, you are charming. We are very happy that the ropes community of the Canary Islands grows and we will plan in the future another trip to the islands to give more initiation and/or intermediate level shibari workshops that we hope will make it grow more and more.

On Tuesday we will return to our dojo in Madrid after two weeks of ropes, filming and expeditions in the islands. We arrived to the Canary Islands with many nerves and we will leave them wanting more, thanks to all of you for making it possible!

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