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Our first workshops in Gran Canaria

Yesterday we returned to Tenerife by ferry with a great taste in our mouth after our beginners workshops in Gran Canaria. It was the first time we taught workshops there, in fact, it was the first time we gave any in the archipelago and everything went better than we expected. We arrived on Friday night and Martin and Pao, the organizers of Shibari Canarias, host us at their house with open arms.

On Saturday at ten we arrived at the place where the first day of the workshop was held and after the presentations we started it. They were a very nice group and had a lot of curiosity and desire to learn so we moved very quickly and we could teach things outside the standard of the workshop. As we usually do, we taught basic patterns for floorwork of different styles of Japanese shibari that can be self-evaluated easily and we put a lot of emphasis on communication and contact between the rigger-model and the importance of having fun with the ropes as a tool. Even people at the beginning more reluctant were delighted and wanting more at the end of the day. In addition, at the end of the workshop, Pao gave away to all of the couples a lovely customized Madame Explicit choker.

On Sunday, it was the turn of the second level of our shibari beginners workshops. This time we moved the workshop to the organizers’ house where we had a wonderful barbecue thanks to them and a suspension point to test the estructures we were going to build with safety and supervision. The students learned Naka’s two-ropes tk, a hip harness and basic suspension line management. Everyone moved forward very quickly and they agreed to keep seeing each other usually to practice together.

We are very thrilled that Canarian ropes community is starting to become a reality and that Shibari Canarias had decided to count on us to help making this possible. We wish them the best and from Madrid Shibari we welcome them as a shibari community. We also want to especially thank them with all our heart for this wonderful weekend full of ropes and good times and to have taken care of us so incredibly well. We hope to return soon!

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