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Impressions about Andrea’s workshop and performance

This morning Andrea Ropes and Clementine Poulain left Madrid and they are already missed. It was the first time that Andrea gave a workshop in the city and both the feedback from them and the students has been very good.

Andrea arrived to Madrid on Thursday and we took him for a short tour around the centre of the city on the same day. The next day Clementine arrived and we all went to eat the best ramen in Madrid. After that, we went to the place where the workshop and performances were going to take place to fix the space and lights and leave everything ready to start the workshop on time.

Andrea's workshop was based on unusual structures and its practical use for transitions. The first day was focused on chest structures, he taught us three different types of strappado and a hojo hishi takate kote. We started the morning with some stretching and advice for the models coordinated by Clementine and then the workshop started. We were able to test the structures one by one, see their pros and cons and variations and discuss our experiences among riggers and models. At the end of the day we fixed again the place and prepared it for the performance event.

The place filled up with people and the crowd seemed expectant. Aanecroo and Oogieboo went on stage and did an improved version of the performance they did in Granada. It was beautiful as well as fun, they gushed emotion and made us thinking about the extremely importance of communication and play in ropes and how with a single rope can be transmitted more than with many beautiful transitions.

After a ten-minute break, it was Andrea Ropes and Clementine Poulain's turn. They made a masterful technical and dynamic demonstration, full of precious and precise transitions with great torsions. It was a real pleasure for the senses to get us into their great experience and love for the shibari and all the ropes they have done together. Andrea was completely in his comfort zone on stage and he let us know that very well.

After digesting all the emotions shared during the performances and preparing the place again, we had a rope jam where anyone who wanted to continue enjoying ropes could tie safely and quietly until midnight. It was a great time to relax and play outside the bubble of stress that sometimes involves a workshop of this level.

And then came the last day of the workshop. The agenda of the day was two types of koshinawa and the development of transitions. This time we also tested the structures with Andrea checking them and exchanged our experiences but combined them with the structures learned on Saturday. Sunday afternoon was dedicated to transitions. Andrea and Clem gave us a lot of advice and challenged us to plan a series of transitions using the structures we learned to get to the positions we wanted to achieve. Andrea guided us individually and thanks to him and Clem all the workshop students got interesting suspensions and improved their confidence and complicity with the transitions. And then, after the final feedback, the workshop came to an end and we were said goodbye to each other happily for having shared so much ties, inspiration and knowledge together.

The difference of all is always in the details and was those details that he provided that helped us to improve and learn more. It has been amazing to have the honor of learning with a rigger with the level of Andrea but also to share so many fun moments with a great person like him. From Madrid Shibari we hope to be able to count on him again in the future and that he has enjoyed his time here as much as we have.

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