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Peter Soptik in Spain

I have the immense honor of announcing that the first international master that Madrid Shibari will bring to our country in 2018 will be Peter Soptik, along with his usual model Eis Eva. In my opinion, he is the most interesting European rigger nowadays. I met Peter in Berlin, in the first Eurix I went to, he was one of the presenters and I was shocked from the beginning how direct and specific he was in his explanations and the incredible technical level of his shibari. I tried to find a specific style but it was difficult for me. Watching him at Rope Jams, I discovered something that has happened to me with very few riggers: it was almost impossible to predict what his next move would be.

The years have passed and I still see Peter Soptik periodically either at the Eurix in Berlin or in the Czech Republic, where he invited us to give a photography and shibari workshop. But I keep watching his rope sessions with absolute fascination. Peter is able to reach a situation that seems impossible to solve, with a model in impossible positions and looking from the outside like at the end of the session, and suddenly, solve it easily and even with 20 transitions ahead and a model in perfect shape. His performances are spectacular, sometimes very hard, technically incredible, but they capture the essence of Japanese semenawa in a way that I have seen very few in Western riggers.

His extensive knowledge would be qualified (probably wrongly) as a fusion shibari. But not Japanese and European fusion, but a fusion of Kinoko, Naka, Kanna and other Japanese kinbakushis that mixes subtlety in his style. And in spite of all this, he has a lot of humility, a low profile and an absence of ego (in the bad sense of the word that affects so much to Western riggers) that added to an absolute privacy make finding his material on the Internet almost impossible. Despite his formal and youthful appearance, he possesses a mind that seems to have been designed expressly for Semenawa and he is at the same time, an excellent person that is difficult to find nowadays.

One of my goals for 2018 was to bring an international teacher to learn myself, selfishly. And after a lot of thinking, researching and considering possibilities from all over the world, including Japan, my choice has been to bring Peter Soptik. You have all the details of his workshop and performance in 🙂

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